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Garage Door Repair

garage door repair

Advisor Garage Door and Repair is a company with more than seventeen years of experience in providing affordable garage door repair services in the area of Phoenix and Austin. We are a professional company and we deal with high-skilled technicians only. They can repair any garage door in no time as well as replace broken or worn springs, fix/mount a new opener and so on and so forth. In other words, our specialists make your life more comfortable.

We are focused on the work only. You may call us anytime and we will visit your home in order to provide you with the free estimate. Our price quotation will include detailed description of all the operations that will be done and all the spare parts that will be used. Our purpose is not to make a customer pay more but to do only what really should be done.

Please find below the list of the installation and repair services we offer:

The reasons to work with Advisor Garage Door and Repair

We are a customer-focused company. We do not just provide repair and installation services but also educate all our customers by providing them with useful information and tips regarding their garage doors and equipment. The second thing we take care of is accurate and transparent pricing. You always know what you are paying for. Our magazine is full of all types of spare parts a customer may need and all the spares are made of high-quality materials we provide warranty for.

All the services of repair consist of twenty points safety check when we examine all the elements of a garage one by one, from panels and springs to hardware and track. Our customers safety is the most valuable thing for us.

Please keep in mind that cables, hardware and springs have to face serious tension all the time and it causes their wear. Replacement can be unsafe that's why only professionals should do it.

Finally, be sure that we will meet or beat any competitor's written estimate, guaranteed!

Repair Services Available 24/7!

We know that garage doors always get broken when no one expects it and when there is no time to fix them. Just call us and relax. All the work will be done quickly and professionally by our technicians. We are available 24/7!

new garage door

What is the Garage Door Cost?

Let's finally answer the question "how much does a garage door cost?" The price depends on many characteristics like door size and style (a roller, a panel, a tilting door or an automatic garage door). The material a door is made of also matters. Timber, aluminium and steel doors cost differently. Here we share some useful information you'd better know before getting quotes from sellers.

Garage Doors Types

Below we enlist the most common door styles with the ascending cost:

  • Roller doors are the most popular door style in US due to low price of both door itself and door installation
  • Tilting doors use to dominate on market prior to the appearing of roller doors. Actually, tilting doors are a bit more expensive.
  • Panel doors (sectional doors) have panels (segments) folding back upon door opening.
  • Roller doors are produced of aluminium or steel and are available in quite a limited range of styles. However, the range of colors for roller doors is very wide. Typical materials for tilting doors are steel, aluminium, timber or timber veneer. Finally, sectional doors are available in the widest colors and styles. Of course, you can add some personal design elements if you want to order a custom garage door.

    What is the Price of a Garage Door?*

    Garage door cost consists of many elements like the door material, size, type and so on. If you ask for quotes from different sellers you will notice that it's possible to purchase a roller door for a single-car garage for $500. An average double-car garage door would cost about $1000 and the total price with installation included in somewhere between $1500 and $1800. A double sectional garage door may cost from $2000 to $3000 with installation while a custom door together with installation can be really expensive - from $4500 and higher.

    If you want a more convenient solution you may purchase an automatic door opener - any kind of garage doors allows for opener installation. A good opener with professional installation costs between $350 and $450, but it would be enough to pay only $200 if you plan to install an opener yourself.

    It's very important to select a garage door which has a suitable color and style. Therefore if you are looking for an affordable garage door model it should be customizable - for example, it should be possible for you to at least paint such a door. But if you are ready to invest more in a custom garage door you may make the overall design of your premises much more attractive.

    *All costs and prices specified in this review are nominal (indicative). These may vary depending on the location and market specifics.

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